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It’s a little newsletter featuring various topics. The approach is simple: topical analysis for efficient readers.

I’ll include brief commentary and analysis, and links as appropriate—so you know where to look for more information if you want to.

There may be a mix of current events, thoughts on the ethos, and more arcane subjects apropos of nothing in particular. Over time, this may change as I discover the sweet spot between what I like to write and what readers like to read.

The approach is simple: topical analysis for efficient readers.


Okay, look. Things are too long. Blogs, articles, nonfiction books.

A couple months ago, I wanted to know what time a popular restaurant opened for breakfast. The first search result I clicked had five introductory paragraphs (!) covering food, the restaurant’s history and incorporation date, and the benefits of breakfast.

It was ridiculous.

Meanwhile, half the books I read are 65% filler—stuffed with unhelpful examples, rhetorical questions, and justifications I don’t need.

Much of this is market-driven, based on consumer habits; habits that are, in turn, informed by publishing habits. Ultimately, I’m not concerned with the justifications. We all know it’s stupid, and none of us expect quick changes from the mammoth companies that set the tone.

The Briefing is an indie, lightweight, agile project to shake things up, have fun, learn, and maybe change things.

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